Perfect thing for sleepyheads

Are you a sleepyhead?  You always want to sleep even a minute more and then it turns out that it was an hour or two? This gadget is perfect for you. This is the ultimate weapon against the notorious napping. Clocky – very nice looking alarm clock, that will force you to get out of bed. Clocky works like any other alarm clock, but it has one very unique feature. When you turn it on snooze it will jump off of your nightstand, hide somewhere in the room and starts ringing. Clocky has been specifically designed so it can fall off any item up to 1 meter and nothing will happen to it. With the software prepared by Nanda Home Inc.. Alarm can ride even in a room full of cabinets and stuff. Clocky is designed so that the wheel was able to cross over it. When it encounters an obstacle, which cannot be overcome, will change direction and go the other way. Hairy carpet and other widgets on your floor or not an obstacle for him. Clocky will force you to get up every time.  Clocky is available in 4 colors: Light Sea Blue, black, white almond, raspberry red.Clocky - nice alarm clock

Beats Headphones

Beats Studio original headphones are available in many colors – black and white, red, orange, blue and silver.
An interesting solution is to use a logo Beats by Dr. Dre as a quickly silenced key, with it you do not have to remove the headphones to talk to another person.
What distinguishes then is not only colors but also ultra light design that allows to fit it comfortably in your pocket, purse or backpack also high resistance to bending and damage (through a special elastic and durable materials). In addition to these features, standard in this group of Beats headphones is control panel on the cable, and built-in microphone, turning them into a headset for calls.
Something for those who love freedom  are Beats Wireless, which is well known for the quality of sound and style, but this time without the cable, giving users even more flexibility, for up to 10 hours of operation on a built in battery (charging via USB). This does not mean that the headphones emit a weak or distorted sound – it is still strong and clear as cable ones.  You can always use the wire  and connect it to the device.  If you love music this gadget is perfect for you.Beats Studio Yellow

LeapPad Explorer tablet for children’s education

LeapPad Explorer is an educational children’s tablet, which contains many interactive games and activities. Children playing on the computer can combine learning with fun. They can read stories with words or listen to the words that they cannot read also can solve a variety of language tasks. LeapPad has an interesting task for practicing numbers and digits writing or learning how to count. Device is featured with arts programs and can serve as a camera. The kids love it at first sight. If you are tired of cleaning the tiny streaks of iPhone, left by the fingers of children, we propose a new touch screen tablet designed specifically for our kids. LeapPad is durable, like the iPhone has all the applications on a scrolling screen. This gadget is a bit larger than the iPhone, it got a high-resolution 5-inch color screen, which is better than in the iPhone. Leapfrog is known for its creative programs and games for learning and is a leader in interactive education. The software allows children to learn writing, math, science, music and languages. The best part of this technology is capability of storing your child’s progress and adapt the games to be a challenge for him.

LeapPad Explorer

PSP on Travel. What Should It Be?

We all known what best PSP Should Have. Best graphics processor and maximum high definition  resolution. Of course, a sufficiently large memory and fastest CPU processor. The problem occurs when you need to close it all in a compact and handy body made ​​of resilient material, preferably so that the material was lighter than air. PSP must be very comfortable so that even several hours of play was not able to get tired of our fingers and palm. It is very important for our  console to had a mega fast Internet connection so that in only few seconds could download the latest updates and necessary programs. It is all what should have our console in versions for travelers. At the end was the most important issue concerning the efficacy of our gadget. This is of course the battery. All previously described features must be powered with a suitable source of energy. The battery should be able to withstand long hours under full load and its charging time  should be as short as possible and last at most  30 minutes. Charger plug must be as universal as possible.  Such features should have a perfect game console designed for travel.



Kinect – Is It The Cure for Chubby Children?

Let `s try to think of Kinect as of a cure for lack of activity among our children.
When comparing games available on gaming consoles Kinect to conventional computer games they are much more useful if I can use that word. It’s better when your child runs, dances, jumps in the game than if they were sitting motionless in front of the monitor. Definitely a plus is also that the eyes do not get tired while playing Kinect just as it is when we sit a meter away from the monitor. It seems that these are the biggest advantages of this invention which is Kinect. As every gadget has its flaws, and we need to remember it. Given the nature of the games which are available on the consoles we have to reckon with that  after installing such a device in our living room very soon we can start to suffer financial losses because of  smashed windows, vases breakage and damaged furniture and also upset neighbors, who can no longer stand the noise coming through the ceiling. Keep in mind that no computer game cannot replace effective movement which takes place outdoors. So, I think the Kinect is a better solution for our children from video games but the best is to switch off the computer and take your son or doughter for a walk.

fun with microsoft kinect


What should be the cell phone for child

In my view, a mobile phone for a child under 10 years of  age should have a very limited functionality. It should be used primarily to what the phone has been created that is to talk. There is no need to equip it in a large number of multimedia functions. Gazing at the tiny screen when playing games or watching videos can really aggravate the child’s eyes. I think I would be a good idea if it was made of reflective elements so as to further improve the safety of our kids when walking especially in autumn when the days grow short and dark falls very early. Phone should be very durable and resistant to shocks, and should be waterproof. Of course, should not be too heavy and big. Simply it must be comfortable. It is very important for the child that the phone had a built-in GPS receiver so that we can if necessary be able to check the whereabouts of our child. Every parent probably is well aware of what  important and convenient solution it is. To sum up, the phone must be durable and easy to use and should have a GPS system.

cell phone for child